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不会再有人说“Linux上没有游戏市场”了。 经过几年的耐心等待和无尽的流言,现在任何人都可以在Linux上使用Steam平台了。紧随着几个月的beta测试,昨天Valve献给开源世界一个“情人节大礼”:Steam For Linux客户端完全发布。

官方提供的版本即在beta阶段使用的版本,是为Ubuntu设计的,可以在Ubuntu软件中心找到。然而,如果你是一个Fedora用户,你可以使用 Tom Callaway创建和维护的Steam yum repo

为了庆祝这次发布,截止到2月21日上午10点,超过50个支持Linux的游戏有50-75%的折扣。如果你从未玩儿过,我强烈推荐World of Goo,售价2.49美元。World of Goo之前只对Linux可用,而且卖得非常好。如果你已经玩儿过这个基于模型的游戏,你还拥有不少的选择,从高度流行的标题如Half-Life(2.49美元)和《反恐精英:起源》(4.99美元)到缩写为SPAZ的太空战斗游戏Space Pirates and Zombies(2.49美元)。




英文原文:Steam client finally available to all Linux users (with a game sale!)

No longer will anyone be able to say "there's just no market for gaming on Linux." After years of patient waiting and an endless stream of rumors, anyone can now have Steam on Linux. Following several months of beta testing, Valve gave the open source world a Valentine's gift yesterday by fully releasing the Steam for Linux client.

The officially offered version that was also used in the beta was designed for Ubuntu and is available in the Ubuntu Software Center. However, if you're a Fedora user, you can use theSteam yum repo created and maintained by Tom Callaway.

To celebrate the release, more than 50 Linux titles are 50-75% off through Feb. 21 at 10 a.m. PST. If you've never played it, I highly recommend World of Goo, available for $2.49. World of Goo has previously been available directly for Linux and sold remarkably well. So if you've already plowed through that delightful physics-based game, you have quite a few choices, from highly popular titles like Half-Life ($2.49) and Counter-Strike: Source ($4.99) to Space Pirates and Zombies ($2.49), a space combat game abbreviated SPAZ.

For a limited time, Steam users who play Team Fortress 2 on Linux (one of the first games made available, even to beta testers) will get a free Tux penguin mascot as an in-game tradeable item.

Despite initial reports that the Linux version would not include Big Picture mode, which enhances steam for use with a game controller and television, it is indeed a part of the package, making gaming even easier for Linux users.

Join the Steam for Linux Community Hub

Browse the Steam for Linux celebration sale

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xiaoyaoke 发表于 2013-2-16 20:29 这个到是不错,可惜要钱啊!老外真会挣钱

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Qomo 4.9里面的steam是这个么?我来安装试试看,哈哈,太好了! % yum info steam 可安装的软件包 名称 :steam 构架 :x86_64 版本 : 发布 :1 大小 :2.6 M 仓库 :stable32 简介 : Digital distribution client bootstrap package 协议 : custom 描述:
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我是64bit的Qomo 4.9,从仓库用yum安装了steam后,双击执行打开,点击接受授权协议后,就报这个错误: “You are missing the following 32-bit libraries, and Steam may not run:” 可是系统中确实有这个64bit的版本: % rpm -qf /lib64/ glibc-2.18-4.x86_64 如何安装32位的呢?试着执行:sudo yum install lib32-glibc (p.s. 4.9系统这个sudo还真不习惯啊) 然后点击那个错误画面的“确定”,发现steam已经在更新了,不过我好奇如果不安装那个lib32-glibc是不是也可以运行呢?
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